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Rice being sold Tk 20 per kg outside Dhaka
DHAKA, April 11 (BSS)- Private traders are selling rice at Taka 20 per kilogram in different places outside the capital City now.

The price of rice usually remains comparatively high at this time of the year. But, the price of the same remained stable in the hot humid days of the last month of Bangla calendar year- Chaitra this time. In some places, the rice traders are not getting buyers even to sell rice at Taka 20 per kg.

BSS correspondents from Rangpur, Kishoreganj, Narsingdi, Habiganj, Sunamganj, Brahmanbaria and other areas came up with the information of current price of rice after visiting different markets in the districts.

Some farmers and traders were of the opinion that the price of rice did not rise this time of the year due to a bumper rice production in the current season along with adequate stock of the same in government warehouses.

They said the rice traders are not getting buyers in many places even after announcing through mikes to sell rice at Taka 20 per kg.

Farmer Abul Hashem of Chalakchar in Narsingdi said the price of rice usually remains high in the month of Chaitra and for this reason, many farmers are used to go for stockpiling rice.

Besides, he said the Boro rice season starts in the next month Baishakh while rice production was good in many places across the country this year.

Hashem said, "There is no official procurement of rice right now. The new rice season is in the offing. In the prevailing situation, new paddy cannot be stockpiled if the current season's stock of rice cannot be sold in the market. So, farmers are compelled to release off their stock of rice or paddy in the market now."

Several wholesalers of rice shared the similar view saying that they are used sell rice at a higher rate in the month of Chaitra but the price of the same is not registering a rise this time.

They said the new paddy and rice will arrive in the market within a fortnight (Baishakh) and so the farmers are compelled to sell their earlier stock of paddy and rice in the market owing to lack of preservation facilities. On the other hand, they added the government has already started open selling operation of rice in village and union markets.

Farmer Abul Hashem said fine variety of Paijam paddy is being sold at Taka 600 per mound, BR-28 and BR-29 paddy at Tk 550 while Swarna paddy at Tk 500 per mound in the market of Chalakchar.

BSS Narsingdi correspondent said the coarse variety of rice is being sold at Tk 24 per kg in the urban markets while the price of BR-28 and BR-29 paddy and the official open market sell of paddy is Tk 24 per kg.

However, the scenario is different in urban areas including in the markets of the capital city. The price of different variety of rice varies between the wholesale and retail markets in Dhaka.

In the city's Badamtali wholesale market, the price of paijam rice is Tk 33 and Tk 26.60 per kg, miniket sells at Tk 38.85, Nazirshail at Tk 30, Tk 40.19, and Tk 42 and the coarse variety at Tk 24 per kg at present.
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