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Developed countries responsible for global climate change: Hasan Mahmud
DHAKA, March 6 (BSS) - Environment and Forests Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud today blamed developed countries for emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) which causes global climate change.

The minister said the world is emerging like the 'Titanic' ship due to climate change and poor countries would be the most vulnerable ones to face the impacts of it.

He made the remarks while addressing the inaugural function of a four-day 'International Youth Conference on Environment 2012' at the Dhaka University Senate Bhaban.

DU and Green Belt Trust, an organization that works on Environment, jointly arranged the conference with DU Vice- Chancellor Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique in the chair.

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies Executive Director Dr
Atiq Rahman presented the keynote paper on the occasion.

Hasan Mahmud said compensation should be realized from the developed countries, who are responsible, in order to cope with
the adverse impact on environment due to climate change.

The minister called upon the younger generation to plant more and more tress to protect the world from devastation.

Professor Arefin Siddique said, "We should perceive how many
problems we will have to face due to climate change." He called
upon the people to be environment conscious to save it from destruction.

Dr Atiq Rahman, in his keynote paper, said the impacts of climate change are likely to underscore various fundamental human
rights and basic securities.

"These rights and securities include the rights to live, food, safe water, health, home, land, properties, livelihoods, employment and development," Dr Atiq said adding that climate change affects almost all ecosystems, societies and economies but the effects are different depending on their location, economic status, history of development and governance patterns.

He said development of the few industrialized and rich countries, high and wasteful consumption of the rich, living in
both the developed and developing countries are causing GHG
emission and creating global warming and rapid climate change.

The poor among developing countries are the main victims of
climate change impact.

Atiq said climate change will increase global poverty and
human insecurities, enhance regional disparity and violate sets
of basic human rights if urgent action are not taken now by the
global community.

In the unequal world, the rich created the problem while
poor are the worst sufferers and they have imitated capacity to
withstand the risks, he added.

He said the youth should call upon the government to adopt
more sustainable lifestyles and educate local communities,
including indigenous communities, sharing knowledge at the same
level and work towards sustainable development through a green
economy transition.

Later, a colorful procession was brought out on the campus.
The environment and forests minister and DU VC inaugurated the 40
lakh tree plantation campaign to mark the 40 years of
independence by planting a sapling in the field of DU Haji
Muhammad Mohsin Hall.

Youths from 17 countries including India, Nepal, Japan and
Pakistan are taking part at the four-day conference.
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